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we have neurodiverse solutions. 

Expand your definition of diversity by supporting employment for individuals with autism.

Roadblocks to Employment 

Highly qualified candidates often have difficulty finding meaningful employment due to the social components of the interview process, and the misunderstandings of what autism really is.

Employers struggling to fill open positions are looking for new ways to attract talent. The Autism Employment Network™ is connecting the individual with the employer to create sustainable career opportunities. As an employer there are three ways you can support autism employment: become an aware employer; become an inclusive employer; or become a principal employer. 

Autism Aware Employer™

Training and Awareness

  • Understand what autism is, and is not. 

  • Learn about social, communication, and sensory differences for individuals with autism.

  • Discover what autism may look like in the workplace and how your company can be more inclusive. 

  • Explore different types of jobs that may be filled with neurodiverse talent.

  • Learn what components of the job search is most challenging for individuals with autism and ways you can change this. 

  • Earn an Autism Aware Employer™ badge for your careers page and other marketing purposes to let others know you are aware and open to neurodiversity.

Autism Inclusive Employer™

Training, Awareness, and Employment

  • Receive all of the training listed above.

  • Additional training for directly managing and working with individuals with autism.

  • Review of open positions for matching to available neurodiverse candidates. 

  • Assistance in hiring individual(s) and support with alternative interviewing techniques.

  • Matching job openings to our screened and qualified candidates.

  • Training for co-workers for those in the same department.

  • Earn an Autism Inclusive Employer™ badge for your careers page and other marketing purposes once you hire at least one individual with autism.


Autism Principal Employer™

Training, Awareness, and Majority Employment

  • This designation is for companies where the majority of the workforce is made up of individuals on the autism spectrum.

  • Earn an Autism Principal Employer™ badge for your careers page and other marketing purposes once verified.



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Progress City LLC is an organization dedicated to connecting people to career opportunities by changing the way employers attract and retain talent through a blend of  innovation and consulting. In doing so, significant efforts are being put forward to establish a career pathway for adults identified on the autism spectrum, many of whom are without resources, support, or guidance past the age of 21.  


The Autism Employment Network™ is a program of Progress City LLC in collaboration with Integer Network, a 501 (c)(3) organization that provides fiscal sponsorship for philanthropic giving to the Autism Employment Network™.