You want to work...

we have inclusive employers. 

Don't let a diagnosis define your pursuit of sustainable employment.

Pathways to Sustainable Employment 

We believe that people should not be defined by a diagnosis, a label, or a stigma. Instead, we use a discovery process to create a clear picture of the individual's ability to contribute in the workplace. This allows us to create careers, not just jobs.


Career Development Factors

  • We'll help find the best fit for you and your skills, abilities, and interests by reviewing six areas:
    1. Education Level
    2. Work Experience
    3. Interests, Skills, and Strengths
    4. Communication
    5. Resources
    6. Accommodations

Paid Work Experience

Limited Work Experience Doesn't Have to Limit Your Options

  • We offer consistent work opportunities for those who need to build work experience.

  • We offer project-based and contract-based opportunities for those who want freelance opportunities.

  • We provide real workplace expectations, feedback, and performance reviews to help you develop as a worker. 

  • We work with your current support systems including job coaches and employment specialists to put you on a pathway to sustainable employment.

  • We can partner you with a benefits counselor to help you navigate how working impacts your benefits.


Career Placement & Entrepreneurship 

Finding the Right Career Path for You

  • For those who have work experience, a college degree, and are looking for career placement, we'll work with our Network Companies to find the right fit for you.

  • We even have a pathway for you to own your own business if you want the ultimate control over your income and career. 



Progress City LLC

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Progress City LLC is an organization dedicated to connecting people to career opportunities by changing the way employers attract and retain talent through a blend of innovation and consulting. In doing so, significant efforts are being put forward to establish a career pathway for adults identified on the autism spectrum, many of whom are without resources, support, or guidance past the age of 21.  


The Autism Employment Network™ is a program of Progress City LLC in collaboration with Integer Network, a 501 (c)(3) organization that provides fiscal sponsorship for philanthropic giving to the Autism Employment Network™.